Stylized Female “Archer” Creating

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Content: 1080p HD video + Project files
Duration: 68hours
Software: ZBrush 2019 ; 3DS Max ; Photoshop CC 2018 ; Ornatrix Ver 6.2 ; Vray Next Update 2.1
System: No limits
Project file: ZBrush custom UI files ; Basic model ; Macro ; Custom Brush ; Practical plug-ins

Stylized Female “Archer” Creating插图Stylized Female “Archer” Creating插图1 Stylized Female “Archer” Creating插图2 Stylized Female “Archer” Creating插图3 Stylized Female “Archer” Creating插图4

Stylized Female “Archer” Creating插图5 Stylized Female “Archer” Creating插图6 Stylized Female “Archer” Creating插图7


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